Bailey & Birch Electrical Services Ltd offer an Approved Thermographic Surveying Service for all electrical systems and installations.

Thermographic surveys identify high temperatures within electrical systems. High temperatures within electrical systems indicate potentially unsafe conditions which can give rise to damage and fire.

Early identification of these issues is essential in order that corrective action can be undertaken before the problem escalates.

Electrical circuits and components can fail due to deterioration, defective components, contamination,  insecure connections. Heat can be caused by over filled trunking systems, undersized conductors, harmonics.

Thermographic surveys are particularly valuable for large, complex 24/7 operations, where electrical equipment cannot be switched off.

We use the very latest thermographic imaging cameras and produce clear reports showing pictures. Our reports often provide peace of mind and satisfy insurers. We offer expert guidance for corrective procedures if necessary together with fixed price costings for repairs if necessary.